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August 13th 2005 Shoulda Been Called Saturday the 13th
August 13th 2005 The Barbary Coast Extravaganza Showtime!
2005-08-09 When did they invent Hot Water Heaters?
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April 14th 2005 Yeahhh.. I'm HOME!
April 14th 2005 Pre Show Jitters
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April 8th 2005 Meeting, Rehearsals and Transgender Party
April 7th 2005 Learning to RAP!
April 6th 2005 Thank God Almighty....
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April 4th Happens in Three's?
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December 25th 2004 Merry Christmas to ALL
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December 14th 2004 The Barbary Coast Extravagana
November 16th 2004 Turkey Day & Rehearsals
November 11th 2004 Notes on 11:11
November 10th 2004 Whew.. I'm makin it
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