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I have been a 3D interior designer on one of those animation sites, along with making fashions for avatars. You can call it my unemployment check. I guess all those years learning Photoshop and Illustrator paid off. Business is UP and Down... depending on how many outfits I make that week.

Building in 3D

Recently I have built a movie theater, electronics store, clothing store, drive-in movie theater, casino hotel, a few houses and condos. Sounds like fun, but its all in a 3D environment. MORE Fun than that IS.... you get an avatar that looks 20 yrs old and has a waistline! LOL

Dancer Who ME?

Recently, I saw one of my old ballet instructors from the local community college. She told me to apply for the Afro Haitian dance teacher position. Kinda laughed at that since I'm all out of shape and haven't danced in over 2 years. So now I'm enrolled in a Zumba dance class at a gym HA! Try rolling me outta bed in the morning to bust a move.. too funneeeyyy.

My Doggies

I have two dogs, a medium sized brittany spaniel mix and a chiguagua. both rescue critters. Can you believe how people kick animals and beat them with shoes... unbelievable. Now they are happy and fat just like me!

Oh yeah.. that Born Again Virgin Status is a Go!

Don't think I have been on a real date since 1999 when I was singing Prince and hopping up and down in the club... cause we gonnna party like its .. yea

BECAUSE.... I'm still digging that Buddhist Monk thing

Maybe you remember... I'mma bonafide ordained priest! Saving souls and blessing people... most I can describe it is like a shaolin priest. However, its derived from Shingon and Tendai sects... Yea.. the real deal... Bruce Lee would be proud.. "Grasshopper"

You can look up a couple of sites here: Lantern Floating Hawaii

We will also hold a lantern floating ceremony for World Peace in New York City in Central Park this September: New York City Lantern Floating

We also have other ceremonies maybe you have heard of some of them?

Good to hear from any and all of YOU! If you have any questions or answers, please email me.

Hugz n Lub,
Bebe da FGM