Crying Zebra Can't Poo

What to do about NOTHING

Mom's is 97 with alzheimer's laying in my bed staring at a stuffed animal, a Zebra I gave her.
Funny I always name all of my pets even the furry fake ones. So I got this Zebra for Valentines its holding a red heart, I've never named him. Think maybe I'll have mom give it a name. But her alzheimers mind gets weird, she thinks everyone thinks she's crazy. So she gets mad and then she won't Want Zebra anymore. Whereas... she really NEEDS something to Hold and Love.

In moms state of mind, its virtually blank or so jumbled up
she just screams "SOMEHING IS GOING ON!!!" then Yells my name 20 or 30 times.

Usually, the TV needs turning on or off, she's hungry, or she made a poo poo.
This time as I assessed the situation she's saying she can't turn the TV off and she's being really fussy about it. I look at the TV and her favorite show is on (Family Feud)

I check her pot and... Uh Ohhhh... No Poop Today... Let's get her some Fiber......

Any of you out there having to deal with a senior parent can take potty jokes, please hold your nose and
be blessed in part that my mom can still go to the potty on her own. No diaper's.

Can a Zebra Cry Wolf?